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SAI XOTIC has been in the uniform sector since 2009 and was established by Swapnil Dhanvijay with very limited resources. With ample knowledge about the business, Mr. Dhanvijay managed to establish a name of the company, while maintaining quality and service. Till date the company has a strict policy of maintaining the best quality in terms of fabric, stitch and service, apart from customer satisfaction.

At SAI XOTIC we provide the best products for education, hospitality, industry sectors and every possible corporate set up, where uniform is an everyday habit and expression. A uniform helps to define equality among people who work/educate/learn under similar circumstances. Our team is not just responsible for the products but also helps to bring about confidence with the design and fit. We strongly believe that a piece of clothing can be of no meaning, if the person wearing it does not own it. This is where our customized products are highlighted and make us the most quality driven with cost effectiveness.


Our mission is simple. To provide the best in terms of customization be it for the fabric, stitch quality or the overall experience of our service. We have been in business since 2009 for a reason and it makes us stand out in front of other players in the market. We constantly strive to understand the needs of our customers and deliver exactly what they have asked for with perfection. Our ultimate goal is ‘customer satisfaction’ and we deliver that with the help of our skilled team who constantly make efforts towards delivering the best. We understand the needs of our customers and deliver nothing less than perfect.


Our vision is to help create the best corporate environment in every sector where there are people working together with the same goal. Not just the education sectors but even small business set ups feel the need to have uniforms for the employees. We are not just any uniform manufacturers from the market but differ in terms of providing the best quality fabric, stitch quality apart from customer satisfaction. In the future we look forward to being the best in providing customized uniforms for the clients as per their requirements and preferences while maintaining the audacity of the purpose, a uniform is introduced - equality.



There are indeed other players in the market, who also provide competitive products. However, at SAI XOTIC we believe that we walk a few extra steps towards customization and customer satisfaction which could be challenging with the large production lots without compromising on quality. Additionally we are never the ones who abandon the client after dispatch. Service continues even after the final delivery to make sure that the client is left satisfied.

Value For Products

At SAI X-OTIC we make sure that the products are of optimum quality and refuse to deal in the cheaper products that do not ensure longevity. It is important for us to see if we are happy with the quality of products that we are dealing with, only then we would have the confidence to show it off to our clients for approval. Our prices are of top notch quality that come with a competitive price.

Value Added Services

Dispatch is just a step towards the completion of the order from the client and our quality control department makes sure that they are in constant communication with the clients. Although bulk orders seldom come with any issues, but in case of any, our post dispatch team makes sure that all the issues are resolved till customer satisfaction.

Worthy Product Rates

Our product rates are reasonable and competitive while providing value for money. No compromise whatsoever is ever made in terms of quality. At SAI X-OTIC we also understand that the consumers look for the best products at the best rates and we promise to deliver what we preach.

Attractive and Flexible Uniforms

Our uniforms stand out in the crowd. The Uniform industry is a place where poor quality fabric is generally used for bulk production. But our policy at SAI X-OTIC is to make use of the best possible fabric for uniforms, which are carefully handcrafted by our artisans in the factories while giving personal attention to each product.

Quality Products

Quality is something that we never compromise on. Quality control is a factor where we pay special attention post production. This is a crucial time when the products are sorted as per quality and even the slightest fault detected makes us discard the product altogether. Replacement is a promise that we make even in case, if the client is not satisfied in terms of fit and fabric.

On Time Delivery

Delivery commitment is made at the time of placing the order or when we receive a purchase order. Usually, the time is based on the order size or the availability of the fabric. The time and commitment is often mentioned in the proforma invoice. We seldom miss any delivery commitments. In case of any we make sure to communicate in a timely manner.


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